Strategic Planning

The single most important tool a company can produce in achieving the next level is the development of a meaningful Strategic Plan. The Corbin Group’s intense three day Strategic Planning process and methodology used, empowers you and your company leaders to see past the work culture which surrounds you. In turn, this allows you to design where your organization is going over the next year and beyond.

Far more important than the strategic planning document is the planning process itself. It is the discoveries made during the planning process that will guide you in taking your organization to the next level.

During the planning process your Company Leaders will:

  • Author the company’s Mission and Vision Statements
  • Distinguish the gaps between where you are and where you want to be
  • Identify the gaps for what is currently missing
  • Establish goals and accountabilities for achieving the vision
  • Generate specific activities ensuring the achievement of the Vision

Our coaches will rigorously engage you and your team in the creation of structures used to tie your company’s plan directly to key personnel, with dates established for completing critical activities directly connected to realizing your Vision.

The company’s Vision Statement and Strategic Plan are the catalyst for designing applications with specific measurable results. Your management team will no longer spend countless hours in non-productive meetings. This process engages your leadership generating a culture of self accountability rather than the more common practice of policing leadership into accountability. You and your leadership team will be better prepared to anticipate and manage circumstances rather than reacting to them, saving time and money.

The development of a meaningful Strategic Plan is essential to an organization. Creating the vision and direction for your business several years into the future will give you the advantage you need.

Strategic Planning fee's are determined by company size, having a national or international presence and number of locations.

Corporate Strategic Planning - $22,500 to 75,000



"When we began our coaching with The Corbin Group, we had 17 employees and were sharing leased office space with another company. As geologists, nationally recognized and sought after for our scientific expertise, we knew we were not necessarily experts in business. The Corbin Group methodology challenged us, opened our eyes to new possibilities, and put us on the fast track. We purchased the building, reorganized our business structure, expanded the company to 35 employees and opened 2 satellite offices. Our business continues to grow and our revenues have increased by over 300% in the last 6 years!"

Bill Weaver
President and CEO
Pacific Watershed Associates, Inc.
Arcata, CA

Even the most accomplished athletes partner with a coach to take their game to the next level. When a golfer takes fewer swings to finish the course and a pitcher throws fewer pitches to strike out a batter, the power of coaching is obvious.
The same theory applies to business.