Nancy Clutts, Partner


“As business coaches we engage business leaders by supporting them to see the opportunities that were never distinguished. Key leaders are challenged to see what’s needed and wanted, yet missing.”

‐ Nancy Clutts

Nancy Clutts is a graduate of the University of Florida and is a former mayor for the City of Tavares, Florida. Nancy’s transformational experiences in her public and business roles have provided her with tremendous insight and the ability to bring people together while coaching them to a desired result.

Mrs. Clutts understands the challenges faced by today’s businesses. She has a tremendous amount of experience in matching the needs of both government and private business while bridging consensus and establishing partnerships. Mrs. Clutts brought together a diverse group of stakeholders and led her community to establish a vision, setting the foundation for what the city would be known for into the future. Today, the City of Tavares is undergoing an economic transformation with concentration on cultivating a distinct identity, magnetic to seaplanes and their related industries.

Mrs. Clutts’ keen ability to see what’s needed and wanted, yet missing provides clients with support for strategically focusing resources saving them time and money. She provides clients with tremendous insight for creating a demand for their products or services.

Having experienced numerous challenges in her public and private life, Mrs. Clutts understands and has empathy for those business leaders that are open to being challenged beyond their comfort zone. This prepares them for new opportunities. “The Corbin Group coaches key leaders to see the incongruence that isn’t seen. It’s almost impossible to self analyze when you’re a part of the hole, any more than a fish can distinguish water.”

Mrs. Clutts’ transformational achievements in her public, private and business roles have well established her coaching abilities as one who can be counted on to produce results. Mrs. Clutts’ ability to bring people together while coaching them to a desired result has created a demand for her skills and has made her an important resource to her clients, our Group, as well as her home State of Florida.


“The impact that The Corbin Group has had on my business and my life is incredible. I look back where I was before I met Rick Corbin for breakfast, and I am amazed. I have significantly increased my revenues and profit. I have purchased a new home, a boat not to mention marrying a wonderful woman.”

Gary Bodley
Appraisal Express
West Palm Beach, FL