Rick Corbin, Founder and CEO


“Even the most accomplished athletes partner with a coach to take their game to the next level. When a golfer takes fewer swings to finish the course and a pitcher throws fewer pitches to strike out a batter, the power of coaching is obvious. The same theory applies to business.”

- Rick Corbin

Rick Corbin's passion for coaching began over 40 years ago. After serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps for eight years with a tour in Southeast Asia, Corbin attended Northwest Missouri State University. He earned his certification as a Chartered Financial Consultant, launching a distinguished 23‐year career as a Registered Investment Advisor in the financial services industry.

Mr. Corbin's methodology and coaching style generated bottom line results for his financial planning clients and created the opportunity for them to live the life they dreamed. His effectiveness earned him an expansive financial client base, a distinguished reputation and a listing in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry.

In the early 1990’s and in response to the increasing demand for his coaching expertise, Rick transitioned from financial planning to full‐time coaching, launching The Corbin Group, an organization dedicated exclusively to providing executive business coaching to owners, presidents, and senior level executives. Rick’s former customers became clients and shared their successes and breakthroughs with their colleagues.

Mr. Corbin’s vision of providing a unique and effective curriculum of seminars, workshops, courses and individual coaching has been realized and continues to evolve.


“There is no doubt that you go above and beyond. You are clearly running a World Class business development system. I have already received major value and without a doubt am thankful.”

Chase Kough (Strength training coach for multiple Olympians)
Performance 360
Clermont, FL