Platinum Elite Preferred Partners


The Platinum Elite Preferred Partners is designed to accommodate and solve the complicated issues large business organizations deal with day-to-day. To ensure the integrity of the Platinum Elite Partners, participation is limited to no more than seven organizations.

The Platinum Elite retainer tuition is determined by the size and complexity of the participating organization. Monthly installments range from a base of $5,000.00 upward, determined individually with each organization. An individualized and tailored coaching approach is designed for each organization to ensure the desired results.

Creating the direction for your business with proven applications, will give you the advantage and the edge you need. Included in the monthly coaching are many important benefits enjoyed by our Preferred Partners.

You will have unlimited access to Coaching 365 days a year morning, noon and night. We know through experience, that the challenges of business continue well past the end of the normal business day.

To ensure continuity in the coaching process we have designed two scheduled coaching calls monthly. Each call is scheduled to last two hours. The first call of the month will be a one-on-one call with you and a qualified Coach. The second call of the month will include you and your Senior Team Leaders. This structure allows for effective communication and the ability to support breakdowns as they occur.

You, as the business owner or CEO, can participate in any of The Corbin Group Seminars or Strategic Alliance Groups across the nation with no additional coaching expense. Employees that you wish to have participate in any of our Seminars will be provided a 50% Platinum Elite Coaching discount.

Accountabilities are well defined, so that it is no longer necessary for you or your management team to spend countless hours in non-productive meetings. Your work environment will alter, creating a culture in which each person takes responsibility for the accountability they were hired to do, rather than being policed into accountability.

The development of a meaningful Strategic Plan is essential to an organization. As each organization holds different priorities, this application is optional and is an additional cost. If applied while participating in the Platinum Elite Coaching Partnership, you will qualify for a 15% discount in the creation of your Strategic Plan. Creating the vision and direction for your business several years into the future will give you the advantage you need. Your leadership team will better manage their circumstances rather than react to them.

From time to time additional services may be called for. This will only occur with the complete agreement in writing of all parties in advance.

Platinum Elite Partners – Base Fee $5,000 – May Begin Higher


“Dynamics of a business structure was an eye opener for me. I have learned how to create more of a support group to help me with my day to day needs so to allow time for more productivity in growing my business.”

Brian R. Corrion
BC’s Furniture Exchange
Bonita Springs, FL